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    How To Cap Trap a Tac 12

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    Advanced tools for techs

    We manufacture, modify, and create new fiber optic tech tools that are geared specifically to save you time, tool bag space, ease of use, and durability. Double Barrel Tech tools receive the most amount of field tested use before it ever gets signed off to be sold on this store.


    • Over 15 years of advanced experience in the broadcast industry 
    • R&D is done by a large collective of broadcast engineers in the field, not on a bench.
    • Most products are manufactured in the USA

    Want training to become a better tech?

    At Double Barrel Tech, we are working hard to bring you the first online and remote broadcast training ever. Specifically designed video and animation guided training's that are made from everyday interactions in broadcasting. These modules can range from industry product usage, to setting it up, to troubleshooting & techniques, also time saving tips that are geared specifically for you, by you, no matter where you are in the world.


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